Samurais were the strongest forces of Japan and you may have heard a lot of stories and myths about them. In this article, samurai games for Android will be the ones to entertain you and you'll love the world of samurais. Samurais lead a hard life and endure a lot of difficulties to become a strong warrior. You may know them by their formidable armors and helmets or long robes and some other outfits but their famous weapon is a long and narrow blade. If you're interested in playing these Android fighting games, puzzle games and RPG games for Android, keep on reading to the end.



Bladelords is one of the coolest Android fighting games in which you can choose up to 16 players. Most of these characters are samurais and you can fight in Japanese temples, forests and many more amazing places. You can also play it online with other people and try your best to defeat them. Because of great graphics, you'd better play it on a powerful phone.


RPG Izanagi Online

If you're a fan of RPG games for Android, RPG Izanagi Online is a brilliant one and you shouldn't miss it. First of all, you should select your samurai and customize it, and then you can explore the brilliant world of the game, gather your own guild, improve your skills and slay the enemies. Play it on a powerful phone with Android 4.0 and up.


Samurai Shodo wn II

If you're an old school gamer you might be familiar with Samurai Shodown. The game was available on old consoles and now you can play Samurai Shodown II on Android too. It's a great fighting game with several fighters and various environments and you can enjoy it on any phone with Android 2.3.3 and up.


Kubo: A Samurai Quest

Samurais were not only strong in fighting but they were also wise, witty and focused. So, if you think you are clever enough to be a samurai, then you can try Kubo: A Samurai Quest. It's a puzzle game with lots of various puzzles in it and you should strain your brain to solve them. It will run on any phone with Android 4.3 and up.


Samurai Fighting

Samurai Fighting, our last recommendation, is an adventure-fighting game and you'll play the role of a samurai who is seeking revenge for the murder of his samurai master. You'll face different enemies with different powers and you've got to be strong. Play it on Android 2.3 and up.


All in all, these are the best samurai games for Android. The ones who'd like to play them can find Android fighting games, puzzle games and RPG games for Android among them.

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