When there's not enough excitement in our life, we can find it in video games and it's time for battle. Try these strategy games for Android if you want to lead a war and feel the glory. Leading an army is no easy business and takes a lot of thinking. So, lead your army on Android and prove that you're smart enough to win your battles. You are going to find some amazing strategy games here and fight against virtual enemies but if you're looking forward to compete with other people, we'll have online strategy game for Android too. Stay with us!


Boom Beach

You've got a plan? No? Then you'll find it very hard to fight the enemies in Boom Beach. You've got to attack enemy bases and free the slaved islanders with whatever you got; soldiers, tanks and your most important weapon: A GOOD PLAN! And you'll win the fight. Boom Beach is a cool online strategy game for Android and you can enjoy competing with other players. It requires Android 4.0.3 and up and if you want the game to run smoothly, you'd better use a device with a decent processor.


Clash of Kings

If you like the games of tales, full of kings, soldiers and dragons, then you've got to try Clash of Kings. It's an online strategy game for Android with huge castles and glorious battles. You can join a union and be with your friends and fight against your foes. The graphics is pretty awesome and you'll enjoy it. It requires Android 2.3.3 and up and you can play it on normal devices but if you want to enjoy the graphics, you've got to try it with good processors.



If you want a great 2D game to lead your army on Android, Battleplans is what you're looking for. Save the island kingdoms, take back your lands, free your heroes and build an army and be the victorious at the end. It's a world full of giants, wizards, dwarfs and more fairy creatures and you'll love it! It requires Android 4.4 and up and normal processor will suffice.



Fight against evil, train your heroes, build an army and free the slaved people in Atlantis. You can plan your wars and arrange your defense and train an army for attacking. Recruit your heroes and use them to win against the dark enemies. In this game, you can lead your army on Android 4.0.3 and up and a normal processor will do.



Braveland is a 2D arcade strategy game for brave players. Your village has been raided by the enemies and it's your quest to take it back. You'll find more than 25 kinds of creatures like goblins, golems and ice guards. It's an old school strategy game and you may find eat joyful. The game requires Android 2.3.3 and up and you don't need to worry if your processor is not that powerful.


After all, these are the best strategy games for Android. You'll find any kind of strategy game here: 2D, 3D, game for modern wars, games for ancient and fairy wars, modern strategy and arcade old school strategy.

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