Trading was always there for mankind and it has taken different shapes during different eras. Let us introduce you the modern way. Trading apps for Android has made buying and selling much easier and you can simply tap on some icons to trade on Android. Yet, you should make your move wisely and the apps themselves will help you with it. These Android finance apps will inform you about details and records to make clever decisions based on the information. Now, let’s get down to business.


Robinhood - Free Stock Trading

Robinhood - Free Stock Trading is one of the best Android finance apps that makes trading easier and you can trade stocks for free. The app allows you to access market data and quotes and you can manage portfolio and even connect it to Android Wear and keep checking it constantly. The information offered by the app can be very useful; so, use them well.


MetaTrader 4

Trade on Android with MetaTrader 4 and feel the ease of trading. You can trade successfully with this app by using the technical analysis, information, real time quotes, and the free financial news it brings for you and when you are done, you can check your trading history from time to time.


Trading 212 Forex & Stocks

With Trading 212 Forex & Stocks you are just some taps away from a beneficial trading. You can have your share in the business of forex, gold, oil, and stock trading and you can have a wise investigation by using the information and analysis given to you in the app and checking your progress in the app.


Trade Interceptor FOREX & CFD Trading

Trade Interceptor FOREX & CFD Trading is one of the best Android finance apps and you can make your decisions based on the charts and technical analysis that the app provides for you and then make your move and be a successful tradesman. You can check the progress of your pending and active trades and see if it is going well.


Kite by Zerodha - Free Trading

A good way to trade on Android is using Kite by Zerodha - Free Trading. It is a great trading app with a clear and well-designed user interface which helps you buy and sell quickly and you can do it based on the charts given to you and so, your trades will be based on careful thoughts.


All in all, these are the best trading apps for Android. You can use these apps to trade goods and use their charts and information in order to make wise decisions.

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