If the TV wasn’t invented, entertainment would be so different today; we spend a lot of time watching it. Today, we’ll introduce top 5 TV apps for Android to make you able to watch TV from your Android device regardless of time and place. It’s convenient to watch TV on android and has its own virtues. If you are somewhere far from TV and don’t want to miss your favorite show, or simply entertain yourself, these Android entertainment apps won’t let you down. Let’s get started.


Hulu: Stream TV, Movies & more

Hulu: Stream TV, Movies & more is a wonderful way to watch TV on Android. You can have access to various TV live streams and watch the programs you like. For example, you can watch the latest movies and series, or watch the news. The user interface is user friendly and it’s possible to personalize the app for the ease of use.


Tubi TV - Free Movies & TV

Whenever you get bored, feel free to watch Tubi TV - Free Movies & TV, for it knows how to entertain you. It is one of the best Android entertainment apps that provides you with a great deal of movies and TV series and you can watch them live on you device. It contains movies and series of different genres from years ago to the lately released ones and you can keep yourself busy for good.


DISH Anywhere

An awesome app that helps you watch TV on Android is DISH Anywhere. It provides almost every TV channel for you and you can easily watch their programs live with the app. The quality of broadcasting videos is brilliant and you can make sure you can watch your favorite show with it. Make sure you don’t miss one of the best Android entertainment apps.


Haystack TV: Daily News

Well, we use TV for reasons other than entertainment too. Watching news is one of them and if you want to do it on your Android device, then I can suggest you Haystack TV: Daily News. You can have access to all the news broadcasted in many channels and find out what’s going on in world.



TV can also expand our knowledge and feed our curiosity. TED TV is a brilliant app that provides you with many conferences and the subjects vary from fashion to the scientific discussions. The speakers are remarkable people and you can rely on the information.


So, these are the best TV apps for Android. You can watch TV channels, movies and series with these apps and entertain yourself or spend your time for knowing more.

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