Twitter has been one of the most successful social networks for years and millions of people use it to express their ideas. Twitter apps for Android are going to be introduced in this article for the ones who are not satisfied with the main app. Duo to some reasons like user interface, lack of various features, and customizability, people choose third-party apps to connect to Twitter on Android. Now, if you are interested in these Android social apps, keep on reading to the end.


Talon for Twitter

Talon for Twitter, is one of the best ways to connect to Twitter on Android and it offers a great deal of awesome features. The user-interface is very smooth and vigorous and you'll love its stunning layouts and brilliant animations. Aside from these, you can also do whatever you need to do on Twitter and nothing will be left behind.


TweetCaster for Twitter

If you want to use multiple Twitter accounts within one app, TweetCaster for Twitter is what you are looking for. It has got a great user-interface with pleasant design but what makes it one of the best Android social apps is something else. You can use unlimited Twitter accounts in it, simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook, add effects to photos and remove some people from your timeline without unfollowing them.


Plume for Twitter

Plume for Twitter is easily customizable and you can use connect to Twitter on Android in the atmosphere you like the most. Choose different themes and colors and use its beautiful widgets on your screen. You can also multiple accounts mute some users in your timeline.


Flamingo for Twitter

If you're looking for a way to use twitter in a bright and colorful interface, you should try Flamingo for Twitter. It is highly customizable and you are able to choose how it looks. It has preview for links from Instagram, YouTube, Vine, etc and so you can see them in the app without needing to switch between the apps. You can easily zoom on images and play GIFs within the app and add them to your tweets.


Finch for Twitter

Finch for Twitter is one of the neatest Android social apps. It's easy to use and the interface is beautiful and well-organized. You can use multiple Twitter accounts, edit long tweets, and do anything you want to do in Twitter.


All in all, these are the best Twitter apps for Android. Even though Twitter's major app offers convenient features, these third party apps offer something more and they might please you if you're not satisfied with the main app.

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