Unidentified Flying Objects have left many people in wonder since a long time ago but no one knows where they come from. The best UFO games for Android are awaiting you in this article and you can play some amazing games about these bizarre objects. Flying UFOs in the infinite space, landing them, fighting with them and running from them can be a fun experience; so, if you're interested keep on reading to find some Android multiplayer games, simulation games, arcade games and running games for Android.


UFO Explorer

I think that every single person loves to explore the infinite tranquil space and if you're not an exception, you'll love playing UFO Explorer. In this game, you'll take control of a powerful UFO and roam in the alien worlds but be careful not to crash into anything or you'll witness your spaceship explode. You can try it on a normal phone with Android 2.3 and up.


UFO Lander

UFO Lander is another great game for UFO lovers. You'll be the pilot of a stray UFO and try to land it on different places but you can't do it anywhere you want. You should solve some problems on your way and if you fail to do it, your spaceship will explode. After passing some dangerous lasers and other objects, you'll get to land it. Play it on Android 2.3 and up.


UFO Arena

Local Android multiplayer games are rare but UFO Arena is a good one. It's a game based on physics and you'll control your UFO with one button, shooting the other UFOs and getting out of their bullets way. You can play it with your friends in a single phone and the game is capable of being played by 4 players. It will run on any phone with Android 2.3 and up.


Cow Run! UFO Farm

Cow Run! UFO Farm is one of those running games for Android which is about UFOs but this time, UFOs are your enemy. In a silent night, the cows are sleeping silently in a farm when suddenly a strange sound wakes them up and a light from the sky tries to suck them into the air. You should help these cows to escape. The graphic is awesome and you'd better play it on a powerful phone with Android 2.3.3 and up.


Burger UFO

Burgers are so delicious that even aliens can't resist flying their UFOs toward them to take a bite. In Burger UFO, you shall get as much hamburgers as possible but be careful not to eat the rotten burgers or you'll lose. The game requires Android 3.2 and up and every kind of processor would be sufficient.


After all, these are the best UFO games for Android. They can be sorted into Android multiplayer games, simulation games, arcade games and running games for Android.

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