Some people fill their free time with solving crossword puzzles and enjoy finding the hidden words. Today, the best word puzzle games for Android will be introduced to you and you will be able to experience the joy of solving word puzzles. Putting the joy aside, it's a brilliant way to prepare your mind for solving difficult problems. In other words, it exercises your brain and you get ready to answer lots of intellectual questions. The games we'll introduce today are sorted into Android puzzle games, word games, and casino games for Android.


7 Little Words – Daily Puzzles

Here is a brilliant game that every crossword fan would love to play. 7 Little Words – Daily Puzzles provides you with daily puzzles based on your dictionary and trivia information and they'll tease your brain with their challenging questions.  You will face new challenges each day and so you can always solve the puzzles whenever you get bored.


Word Search

Word Search is one of the best Android puzzle games in which you get to find a word from untidy pile of letters that sometimes make words. It has different word categories like animals, countries, cities, American presidents, historical figures, kids, and trademarks and you can test your abilities in finding them in 3 different difficulties. It requires Android 2.3 and up.


Word Cookie s

Well, if you want to play with some delicious words, you can try Word Cookies. It has different word cookies that you should try and find the hidden words in them. Not only it's a fun way of spending your time, it also improves your vocabulary and mental state. So, you should make that you play it on Android 4.0.3 and up.



Well, WordBrain is a challenging game for the ones who want to prove that they are truly smart. You should find the words among untidy order of the letters and win the game. It is easy first but the more you play the more it gets harder. If you're brave enough to accept this challenge, don't forget to install it.


Wheel of Fortune Free Play

Wheel of Fortune Free Play, our last recommendation, is one of the best casino games for Android that offers brilliant word puzzles. Guess and find the proper words to earn more money and win the game. It will work on any phone with Android 4.0.3 and up.


All in all, these are the best word puzzle games for Android. We can categorize them into Android puzzle games, word games, and casino games for Android.

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