Every single human being on earth would like to have a healthy life and it depends on lots of things. We'll introduce 5 best yoga training apps for Android, because exercising is one of the great ways to be healthy. Yoga is a way of both having a healthy body and the extraordinary inner peace and when you have both, you can lead a happy life. You can learn yoga on Android without spending in classes and these Android health apps will help you be a yoga master.


Daily Yoga

Anyone who exercises knows that it needs to be done every day to get the desired effects. Daily Yoga will help you learn yoga on Android with daily trainings and exercises. First, it will begin with exercises for beginners and it will get more complicated when you have learned the simple ones. It has various features like calendar, community and data log and you can get lots of benefits from them.


Simply Yoga 

If you want one of the simplest Android health apps to help you learn yoga, you'd better try Simply Yoga. The pictures will show you what to do and they will change in time and you will know when to change the move. Aside from picture, you will also get audio instruction to make sure that you've performed the move accurately.



Yoga.com is another great way to learn yoga on Android and you can learn more than 300 poses using it. A 3D muscle image will also be included by the main pose to show how the moves affect your body. It has also got some breathing exercises to aid meditation and relaxation.


Yoga – Track Yoga

Yoga – Track Yoga is one of the best Android health apps and you can learn a great deal of yoga in it, without paying for yoga classes. It has different programs and poses for you and you can imitate the poses to know how it's done. If you have any questions about yoga, you can chat with yoga instructors in the app and there will be no faults in the process of yoga learning.


Yoga Fitness Daily Training

Yoga Fitness Daily Training will help you learn various yoga moves with various illustrations and you can get a whole lot of information by tapping on each pose. It contains different routines to keep you on the track of yoga learning and you'll learn yoga in no time.


All in all, these are the best yoga training apps for Android. They will give you the best instructions for learning yoga and you will be healthy, both mentally and physically.

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