Technological advancements have brought improvements in almost every area of our lives, and the age-old writing profession isn’t left out. We now have smartphone apps to do almost anything relating to writing, editing, and formatting a written work while on the go or anywhere in the world away from our office desks and laptops.  

 As a professional writer, author, a student trying to write an essay, a beginner in the writing world, or even as a freelance essay writer trying to be successful online, you must have had those moments in mind when ideas flew into your head and flew out if you didn't  immediately write them down on paper. Most times, we don't have any paper, and the idea flies away. 

Although you can hire the 
best essay writers online who will guarantee quality and help you avoid having to remember these ideas, you can also get free smartphone apps used by  an essay writer online to quickly put down ideas on the go without any worry and go back to them whenever you  like. 

 If you are thinking of, how to become a better essay writer, then here is a list of the best android or iOS free essay writing apps that would make your work easier, improve your workflow and speed of achieving set goals; 

MS Word: Write and edit documents on the go 

This app brings your office desk so close to you that it could fit into your pocket. You could do almost anything with it, ranging from creating, reading, editing, and even sharing your files easily from anywhere in the world just with your smartphone. The fact that this app has been downloaded over 1billion times on the Playstore is a sufficient testament to its uniqueness and efficiency.  


Special Features 

  • Creatiing  documents, essays, letters, resumes, and many more in smart, adaptable formats. 
  • Reading, writing, and editing documents, PDFs, notes, and scripts more efficiently. 
  • Converting from PDF to Word and vice versa, sharing  texts in   PDF format . 
  • Foster  collaborative work as a team where your colleagues still get to comment or suggest improvements on your work right next to the text. 
  • Use  a simplified sharing feature that is easy to use in just a few taps. 
  • Get  a whole lot more with access to its premium features.  

iA Writer: The Markdown writing app 

This app creates a simplified writing experience for you with special features introduced to remove distractions, let you focus, and create magic with words. Besides, it doesn’t attach any custom file format to your work, hence allowing you to edit it  in any app. IA Writer  is widely considered as the benchmark for Markdown writing apps. It has an inverted light-on-dark mode, which makes writing easier, whether morning or night, and also a unique focus mode that dims everything except the current sentence. This amazing app also works on different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.  


Special features 

  • A Markdown available. 
  • An inverted light-on-dark mode that is user-friendly. 
  • A unique focus mode that dims everything except the current sentence you’re working on. 
  • Works on iOS and Android. 

Pure Writer: Never Lose Content Editor and Markdown 

Top 6 Free Smartphone Apps For Essay Writing 2

This text editor is fast, easy to use, and secure. This app’s best feature is its protective mechanism and security awareness that ensures that the writer never loses their work. It autosaves the text every two seconds and backs up to cloud storage automatically. It also has a fingerprint system to encrypt your work. It has Markdown too, along with  a special line and
paragraph spacing feature that makes your work clear and comfortable to read. 


Special features 

  • Fingerprint encryption for added security. 
  • An aAutosave feature  on a cloud storage every two seconds. 
  • Recyclable trash to prevent loss of original texts and recover a text even after you’ve deleted it. 
  • A Markdown. 

JotterPad - Writer, Screenplay, Novel 

This app is smart and specifically  created to offer a distraction-free atmosphere to make  the creative writer in you to emerge fully . It contains many enabling features that help you remain  efficient, such as Markdown, dark theme, phrase search, word count, and many more. The Markdown has been upgraded to support tables, bulleted lists, and checklists. It enables you to customize the outlook to suit your comfort. It also gives you access to cloud storage, an inbuilt dictionary, and so much more.  


Special features 

  • A Markdown available
  • phrase search, word count, typewriter scrolling, snapshots features  
  • Ability to toggle from dark to light theme and use an extended keyboard.  
  • Access  to a lot of cloud storage features. 

Writer (voice app) 

This app is great for typing long notes because it doesn't have any limit to the number of words that you can type. Its special speech-to text feature makes it an interesting app to use because it helps you hear whatever you've written out loud and actually know what it sounds like. The only downside is that it has too many ads, although you can remove them completely.  


Special features  

  • Dark and light themes.  
  • Formatting the text appearance to any of your choice.  
  • Customizing the app according to your personal preferences.
  • Exporting work to other places.  
  • A file lock for you to be rest assured that the work is safe.  
  • A speech to text (read aloud) feature. 

Monospace - Writing and Notes 

It is a writing app created with efficiency in mind and a designed-for-touch UI, which improves user experience. It uses only essential, modern-styled formatting tools. Moreover, it syncs all devices together and allows you to edit the text  from anywhere. Finally, Monospace has a Markdown. 

Special features

  • Absence of unnecessary formatting tools to offer a simple and efficient app
  • A built-in internal sync for the pro-packages
  • Exporting documents  through Markdown. 


Now you can choose any writing app that appeals to your style and has amazing features that will give you that additional advantage to be ahead of the competition. These are just a few of the best, so we hope this article has been helpful for you.