Sometimes getting unknown calls become exasperating, especially when they're spam or from telemarketers. We'll discuss Truecaller features on Android today but what does it have to do with the unknown calls? I should tell that Truecaller is one of the best Android apps for managing calls and you can find out who the unknown caller is by using it. It's pretty amazing, isn't it? It's not the only feature though and you can use Truecaller Android app better by knowing the features we're about to tell you.


Block Calls

Well, sometimes to get calls from some people who want to bother you or spammers and there's a solution for that. You can get rid of those calls by blocking those numbers in the app and no one will bother you anymore.


Identify the Unknown Caller without Data Connectivity

Once an unknown number is identified while the network connection is on, you won't need a connection to do it again. The app will remember the number and inform you if the person calls again.


Block Spammers Automatically

After installing the app, you can choose to block all the spammers that are known in your region. You can also choose to auto reject the people who hide their identity through the app.



When you use this feat ure you will understand that Truecaller is different than Android apps for managing calls. This feature works like Facebook and twitter to find the people you know, so, you will be able to find the number of your mutual friends.


Identify Numbers with Search Bar

You can easily identify literally any number by searching the number in search bar. Truecaller Android app will find the details like name for you.


Set Up Your Profile

Like other social networks, you can set up your profile in Truecaller Android app. You can set your profile picture, add your full name, website, email ID and some details about you; so, the people looking for you will know you easier. You can also hide you’re your identity under the privacy setting.


Remove Your Number from the Database

You can remove your number from app's database by visiting by choosing your number with inclusive of country code. Then you choose the reason for removing the number and it's done.


So, these are the best Truecaller Features on Android. I guess we have given you enough reasons to believe that Truecaller is one of the best Android apps for managing calls and all these features make it worth trying.

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