Writing is now possible on a variety of devices, like mobile phones and tablets. That's ideal for people who just want to be creative on the go. The best part is that there are a variety of writing applications for Android that will provide you with the greatest experience imaginable.

As a result, we have chosen a few that we believe are the greatest. Check them out and see how they can help you improve your assignment writing!

1. JotterPad
JotterPad is undoubtedly one of the greatest writing apps available today for individuals who want to write on their Android mobile. It supports a variety of languages and allows you to synchronize your files with cloud storage providers like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Aside from that, you may store and export your documents in a variety of formats, including DOCX, PDF, HTML,  TXT,  and many others.

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2. Google Docs 
Google Docs, a well-known service, is our next recommendation among the top writing applications for Android. It is a Google Drive feature that allows the user to create textual content online using any of the finest web browsers or the Google Drive mobile app.

It not only offers many of the same capabilities as Word, but it also records all of your changes automatically. It also features an offline option and allows you to simply share your work so that others may read, comment on, and edit it. To get it, head over to the Play Store.

3. Grammarly Keyboard 
Grammarly can assist you no matter what type of writer you are. It comes with an Android keyboard. While using a virtual keyboard isn't the easiest way to write, it can be quite useful when used in conjunction with Grammarly. Grammarly's greatest skill is its ability to detect typos and grammatical problems. It's even compatible with a smartphone.

When you're writing, your eyes may see whatever you want to write rather than what is really there. Grammarly overcomes this problem by detecting and correcting your errors. Grammarly is a useful tool for correcting errors on the fly, even if you don't require the virtual keyboard.

4. Monospace 
Monospace, on the other hand, is easier and much more minimalistic, and it's one of the few Android writing programs that allows you to flip the backdrop color with the font color. You can also have a darker backdrop with lighter characters this way, which some people prefer.

It doesn't have as many editing or formatting features as other apps, so it's better suited to folks who just want to scribble down fast notes.

5. Writer Plus 
Writer Plus is a popular writing program that c an be used for almost anything. Headers, rich textual formatting, redo and undo, keyboard shortcuts, a night mode, right-to-left textual support, and word and characters counters are just a few of the features available. We like how the simple UI and straightforward navigation put little in the way of really writing. A simple guide on using everything is also included. It isn't as cumbersome as Microsoft Word or Docs. It is, however, really simple and quick to just hop in and start typing. The software is also completely free and does not contain any advertisements. If you wish to contribute to the development of the app, you can make in-app purchases.

6. Novelist 
With a wide range of capabilities for writers, Novelist is clearly one of the top writing applications for Android. You'll be able to easily add new sections wherever you may be with it, which is especially useful if you have a fresh thought and wouldn't want to forget it. Its users can utilize the software to write entire volumes.

It also allows you to set word targets and even timeframes for your own work, assisting you in staying on track with your chronogram. Its editor is feature-rich, allowing you to make comments and even divide your story into scenes. Isn't it cool?

7. Microsoft Word / OneNote / OneDrive 
Microsoft Office is similar to Google Drive in terms of functionality. It's a complete office suite that works across all of your gadgets. Everyone is familiar with Microsoft Word. OneDrive allows you to sync your work across many devices, while OneNote is a decent note-taking app. 

We choose Microsoft Office since it includes native desktop applications for Windows. That's a wonderful touch if you want something a little more powerful on your computer. To have the desktop apps, you'll need to have an Office 365 subscription. You could use the online version of Word for free using the free version. We also like that Microsoft allows you to purchase the entire Microsoft Office for $119.99.

8. Writer Plus 
Writer Tools is a good writing app with a few important features for authors. There's a word processor on this one, but the other features are what make it stand out. Characters may be created, timeframes and chapters can be plotted out, new places for your characters can be created, and other ideas can be stored. There's even an area where you can set quarterly goals to help you stick to a writing plan. Also, there is a progress tracker if you want to keep track of how well you're writing. For free, you can concentrate on a particular project; however, it includes ads. Working on several projects, adding images, and removing advertisements all require a subscription.

A Final Word 

This article included a list of the best writing tools for Android. There are several free applications, as well as paid programs that you can use. With these apps, you can jot down your ideas on the go, edit your content, and publish or send it wherever you want. 

We hope that this article has given you insightful information regarding writing apps and that you will be able to improve your writing skills with them. 

Select one of these, or use multiple and excel at your writing career!