Managing income and expense has been always an important issue for everyone. Long time age you had to write down your personal finances on a paper, after a while on a computer, and now on a smartphone. There are many Android apps and widget to manage and control your money and each of them has their own fans. Toshl is a rich feature expense management app with a simple and beautiful interface.

Toshl Finance Budget & Expense Review

When you open the app, the very first thing you notice is about the UI and the graphical design of the app, especially those funny characters. It is really gorgeous and you love navigating menus and tabs. All the features of the app can be accessed from 4 tabs: Expenses, Incomes, Balance, and Budget. It supports about 160 currencies all around the world, and if by any tiny chance, your currency is not supported, you can easily add your own currency.

Assigning tags to each expense or income is another great feature of Toshl. First of all tags are useful for quick access to different items on your list, and the other thing is that, you can easily find out how much you have spent for a special item. You can also assign a limited budget to a specific tag to control your expenses on a special item.

Syncing data on the entire devices associated with the same Toshl account, makes it possible to access all your financial stuff on all your devices, and you no longer need to worry about losing data, since it is always being backed up on Toshl servers.

Let’s review the main features of Toshl:

  • The simplest interface possible
  • Creating tags for different items on your expense and income list
  • Defining daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Yearly and One time Budgets
  • Assigning budget to all expenses, specific tags, all tags except some
  • Creating passcode lock for the app
  • The ability to create backup and sync data
  • Specify when your financial month starts
  • Sending daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports to your Email account with different formats: Excel, text, PDF, or Google Doc
  • 2 home screen widgets for a quick access to add expense
  • Set reminder to enter expenses

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How to use Toshl

To start working with Toshl, you need to create an account, specify your currency and you are all done. There are four tabs to navigate:

Expense tab shows all your expenses and to add a new expense, you just need to tap the red plus icon on the bottom. To add the expense, you need to enter amount, add at least one tag, Time of expense, some description and specify whether the expense is a repetitive expense or not, and if so, how often does it repeat? (It is very useful for expenses happen regularly with the same amounts, like Rents). In the Timespan menu, you can specify what time span you need to see on the main screen. If for any reason you want to add an amount, other than your current currency, the app suggests an exchange rate, and converts the amount to your local currency.

Incomes tab is for adding different incomes. Options are the same as the Expense tab with one difference: The color for income is Green :)

The third tab is all about the Balance. You can see your financial status of the selected time span, at a glance.

The last tab is to add Budget to control your expenses and see how much you can spend in the remaining days of the month. Tap the red add icon to start defining a new budget. Other than the mentioned features for adding budget (especially adding budget for tags), you can also move the remaining budget to the next budget.


In general, working with Toshl is really simple and fun. Everything is in its place and you don’t have to take time to learn how to use the app. The clean and tidy interface accompanies by different characters help you easily manage your expense and incomes. What we liked most about the app, Other than the syncing option, was about the Budget section and different options to add a budget. If you try Toshl, then you are not going to look for and try other apps in its kind.

Download Toshl Finance from Google Play