I’m not a fan of games with too fancy graphics and over-complicated gameplay. On the contrary, I always dig for games with easy to learn gameplay, high-quality graphics, smooth animations, and of course, addictive and fun challenges. 

Touch Racer is an endless arcade racing game that checks every box for me when it comes to finding an addictive racing game with endless challenges. In this free racing game, your main objective is to survive longer on the highway while trying to avoid hitting other cars. 

As you may expect, you have the option to drive multiple cars, choose different highways to drive, and different game modes. The good news is that Touch Racer delivers everything you expect from such endless racing games, and it even raises the expectations by offering the option to upgrade your car’s parts, drive the car by utilizing your device’s gyroscope, and much more. 

Touch Racer

What to expect from Touch Racer? If you are looking for an endless racing game to stay on the track longer, Touch Racer won’t disappoint you at all. You have the option to choose between one way, two way, time attack, and speed bomb. 

As for the car to drive, your garage is full of cars with different power and styles. However, note that you should spend the collected coins to unlock new cars.  

Other than delivering endless fun and excitement, due to the fast-paced gameplay, you get to challenge your reaction and try to improve your concentration skills. 

Give Touch Racer a try now! How far do you think you can drive through the traffic without hitting the cars? 

Download Touch Racer from Play Store and have fun driving and surviving longer!