If you are looking for an exciting sports game to challenge your soccer-playing strategy and skills, and have fun passing, kicking, and scoring, keep reading this game review. 

Touch Soccer is a fresh sports game for Android that shares the same concept as the popular Soccer Stars game and delivers a unique flick football experience with cool animations, easy to learn gameplay and different challenges. 

When it comes to comparing these two titles, I will give an advantage to Touch Soccer for offering advanced AI, fantastic physics and controls, as well as various game modes. It also comes with the fun penalty kick feature to challenge both your goalkeeping and penalty scoring skills. 

Touch Soccer

Play against an opponent with advanced AI: What made me keep Touch Soccer on my phone is indeed the opponent with powerful AI. The CPU opponent kicks the ball smartly, and you never know what comes next. I’d only add the option to choose the difficulty level of the opponent.  

Different game modes: This free soccer game offers single-player, two players, tournament, and penalty kicks modes. The two-player mode definitely delivers hours of fun to friends, partners, and couples who want to play a multiplayer game on one device. For each match, you get to specify the duration, pitch, and of course, your team and preferred tactics. 

Final Verdict: Touch Soccer is an addictive soccer game with realistic physics and advanced AI that can help you with killing time and having fun. You can unlock new powerful teams with different tactics to win local multiplayer challenges or tournaments.

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