Experience the new generation of Android keyboards! Backed up with more than 30,000+ five star reviews, Touchpal X keyboard is actually the most enjoyable way to interact with touchscreen devices. Using fancy swipe gesture typing called Wave in its new update, this keyboard application lets you enter an entire sentence in a matter of seconds! It is fast, easy to use, accurate and has a user friendly interface. In addition it supports more than 70 languages and has more than 30 different customizable themes. Contextual prediction technology learns your individual typing style and if you want you can use voice recognition technology in a Walki-Talkie style input type.


Although –like any Android keyboards- text prediction is not as accurate as we expect, swipe input makes it an excellent candidate to replace any Android keyboards. What makes this keyboard stand out from other keyboard application is its new technology called Wave. Using this feature you can write an entire sentence with one gesture. As you start typing, words will dynamically emerge out of the keys, suggesting next possible words in your sentence. Tap on the first correct prediction, then drag it down to the space bar and continue to finish to sentence.


Another key feature is that Touchpal learns over time. This makes the prediction more accurate after a period. The application considers your Twitter and F acebook posts as well as your typings and will bring up a button asking if you want to include this word in the dictionary.

The feature that I liked very much and the one that every Android user would appreciate is the edit screen feature. This window lets you easily navigate between characters and select them if you want. The two handy famous buttons are also available here: Home and End keys as well as cut, copy, paste, delete and select all.

The following shows the 3 steps for initial setup:


Pros: Wave technology and tweeting features are both a creative idea. Support for more than 70 languages is awesome.

Cons: Phrase prediction needs major improvements


Touchpal X keyboard General Features

  • Support more than 70 languages
  • Touchpal Wave & Curve technology – Word and Sentence gesture
  • Contextual prediction
  • Support for Emoji X and Smileys
  • Twitter plugin – Tweet while you type!
  • Walkie-Talkie style voice recognition
  • T+ dual-letter layout: bigger keys than QWERTY
  • 30+ customizable themes
  • & many more

Download TouchPal X Keyboard from Google Play