“Bitcoin is in a massive bubble”. “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just getting prepared to dominate the market.” Which statement is correct? If you are a beginner in the world of the stock market, forex trading, and cryptocurrencies and looking for a finance app to teach you all this stuff, please keep reading.

Trade Royale is a real-time trading simulator app that not only delivers a fantastic way to learn the basics of investing but also lets you trade stocks, forex, cryptos, indices, and commodities. The goal of the app is to get you prepared for actual trading and investing your money wisely.

Don’t forget to check out the Academy section, where you can learn the basics of topics such as stocks, forex, crypto, commodities, social trading, and many more. After each chapter, there is a quiz with which you can test your knowledge.

What do I like the most about Trade Royale?

The trading simulator is designed so real that it delivers the same experience of trading in a real market. Although you are not trading with real money, you will feel the stress and pressure when deciding to place a buy/sell order. The animations are smooth, and the UI is so clean and neat that you will get the whole idea as soon as you open the app for the very first time.

Trade Royale Learn how to trade

I also liked the extent of available educational resources which cover the cryptocurrency market as well as the stock market and forex trading. You can also share your trading results with family and friends, which is a fun way to compare who managed to get more profit from their virtual investments.

Is Trade Royale worth a try?

If you are like me and learning to trade cryptocurrencies is already in your New Year's resolutions for 2021, it’s now the time to start! I’ve already tried a couple of other trading simulator apps, but to me, Trade Royale is the app that I’m going to keep to learn the basics of trading cryptocurrencies.

Download Trade Royale from Google Play Store and get the most out of the real-time trading simulator experience. The app is designed for beginners and aims to develop your skills as a financial trader. 

You can find more details about Trade Royale on their official website.