I’ve always been a fan of hyper-casual games that offer unique gameplay and concepts with endless challenges and adventures. These games are mainly designed to kill some time in your spare time, and of course, train your brain and improve your reflexes and reaction time. 

Tumbly Rocks is a fast-paced casual game that checks the box for me for being worth-to-play. It offers unique gameplay mechanics and comes with hundreds of challenging missions. There are multiple upgrade options and power-ups that will come in handy when you are stuck as complex challenges. 

What to expect from Tumbly Rocks?

Your objective is to do whatever it takes to move the rocks before it’s too late, and they destroy the automatically moving tumbler. You need to use the water jets to shoot at the rocks and flip them into the water. You can shoot water jets from three different directions, and you need to be fast and precise when it comes to deciding in what direction you should shoot to flip the rocks. 

Tumbly Rocks Hyper casual tap to tumble game

What do I like the most about Tumbly Rocks?

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, I did like the unique gameplay mechanics that this hypercasual game offers. The gameplay is super easy to learn, and it only takes a couple of tries to get used to controlling the rangers. Once you are thoroughly familiar with the gameplay and objectives, you have to be fully focused and flip away the blocks at the right time. 

I also liked the variety of available challenges that make you play this causal game for hours without getting bored or tired. The high-quality graphics, along with smooth animations and cool sound effects, are just a few other reasons that make Tumbly Rocks a perfect companion for killing some time and having fun. 

Is Tumbly Rocks worth a try?

If you are looking for a hypercasual game with challenging levels and unique gameplay mechanics, the answer is Yes! Tumbly Rocks is completely free to download without having any ads.

Download Tumbly Rocks from Play Store