It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed a hyper-casual game. Turf City is a new arcade game with multiplayer gameplay that made us revisit this category. Like any other hyper-casual game, you should expect an addictive arcade game with easy to learn gameplay, infinite challenges, and no specific tutorial or instruction. 

Your goal is to win wars and get more people across the city to follow you. There is no weapon or gun involved, and you can only use fists and feet. 

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What did we like the most about Turf City? 

Well, first of all, the multiplayer feature was the very first thing that got our attention. You can either create your own private room and ask family and friends to join, or simply join an existing room. The gameplay is as si mple as moving the character via the on-screen joystick, and the range of available power-ups and boosters helps you win more wars and get more people to follow you.

I also liked the very smooth animations along with 3D graphics and excellent music that make you play more and more without noticing the time.

Turf City Endelss Multiplayer Gameplay

Is Turf City worth a try?

Are you a fan of hyper-casual games that come with an easy to learn gameplay with endless challenges? Are you looking for a multiplayer game to get entertained with family and friends for hours without getting bored or tired? If your answer is Yes, then Turf City is a must-have game that you should definitely give it a try.

Download Turf City from Play Store and have fun crushing your opponents and grow the number of people who follow you.