Twitter is a text sharing social network, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't tweet your photos or even post your selfies on your Twitter account. If you use Twitter to post and share pictures, then new app update makes sharing and posting picture far easier than before, as you have now crop and rotate options as well as so other features, we discuss in the following.

According to the Twitter blog post, other than available photo editing effects and tools, when you want to upload a photo to your Twitter account, you can select the desired aspect (say Square or Wide) followed by cropping your photos. You can also rotate your pictures before making them live on your timeline.

Twitter App Update - Photo Sharing Enhancements

Now, all the needed effects and change have been applied and the picture is shared. The new version, shows a reminder to mention your friends, so they can see your photo too.

Apart from the photo enhancement features, there is another new feature which is about the content shown in your timeline. When you read all the Tweets and there is no new post to load and show, the app automatically shows you some recommended Tweets or trending topics and even some new page suggestions to follow. For the U.S. only users, other than showing mentioned topics and Tweets, you'll also being kept up to date by seeing TV, sports and news events.

Photo Sharing Enhancements - Trending News

The official Twitter client for Android has been already updated and is available on the Google Play Store.