It’s 2019 and you probably can’t think of living one day without having access to your instant messaging apps. While these social apps bring ease and convenience to your communications, they also put you at risk by not protecting your private data.

Two Hands Gone is one of the few messaging apps that is taking the security and privacy of their users very seriously by providing the end-to-end encryption feature. Simply put, this type of encryption guarantees that only the sender and the intended recipient can ever access to the transmitted data.

According to the developers, there is no preview, you can’t take screenshots of your conversations and once you read a message, it expires and self-destructs after 45 seconds.


Care about your privacy? Give Two Hand Gone a try!

I can’t think of using this encrypted messaging app on a daily basis and as my default instant messaging service, but I will definitely use it when it comes to sending and receiving sensitive data and I need to make sure my data is 100% secure and encrypted.

The user interface of Two Hands Gone is so simple and intuitive that you will probably get used to it after a couple of tries and you don’t need to worry about any confusion w hen switching between different messaging apps.


Two Hands Gone main features:

  • Secure instant messaging app with end-to-end encryption
  • Easy to use
  • Self-destructive mode
  • Screen capture (screenshot) is disabled
  • No preview mode (to protect your privacy)
  • Cross-platform messaging solution
  • Free to use

So in overall, Two Hands Gone is for those who care about their privacy and prefer an encrypted instant messaging app over a less secure messaging app with fancy and cool features.

You can download Two Hands Gone for free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, invite your friends to the app and take the conversation to a more secure and private place.