Although it is a pleasure to type with an Android touch keyboard, nothing is more enjoyable than typing with a physical PC keyboard. MightyText* is the service that enables text messaging via computer browser (A desktop browser). Use this service to access your contacts right from your desktop computer and text any of them using your physical keyboard! The text is sent from your SIM number and your carrier will charge as if you sent SMS from your phone.


This is useful as you can send messages even when you left your phone at home. You are as far to your phone as installing required extensions on your desktop browser and connecting to internet (phone must have internet connection too). Extremely useful for someone who is mostly in front of a PC, especially at work: No more worrying about the bosses walking up on you with your phone in your hand!

This service is not only limited to sending text messages, you are able to receive new text messages on your computer as well as accessing all your previous sent/received messages (the app syncs all your messages automatically). MightyText takes even a further step, it enables to see phone calls live on your computer and gives access to calls log for missed calls, incoming calls & outgoing calls. It is even possible to order the phone to initiate a call using the live dialer on PC. Unfortunately it is not possible to answer the calls at the moment.


As we tested out, we were inspired by how quickly this application syncs with the devices and how instantly you are notified as you receive a message.

In addition to all mentioned features, MightyText can also take backup from your messages, sync/backup your photos & videos from your phone and send Picture Messages (MMS Messaging) from PC.

If you want to do all these stuff from your tablet, it is OK with MightyText. Just install the tablet version of the application and start messaging from your tablet (using your phone’s SIM number).


Pros: Excellent Graphical UI on PC, instant notification with nearly zero latency (phone calls & messages), initiate phone calls from PC, sync all phone’s messages, photos and videos

Cons: There are some incompatibility issues with some browsers (especially Firefox & Opera), no option to make or answer calls using PC


MightyText General Features

  • Instantly send and receive SMS/MMS messages from PC/Tablet
  • Sync contacts, photos and videos
  • Sync all messages (sent and received)
  • Access call logs from PC/Tablet
  • See incoming phone calls from PC/Tablet
  • Backup messages
  • Text from Gmail

 Download MightyText from Google Play

* MightyText is now called SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting