With the emerge of social networks and social messaging apps and improvements of cameras on the mobile devices, more users tend to share self-taken videos and photos, and no wonder more video and photo editing apps are published on a regular basis.

Video & Image Editing 2020, as the name implies, is a free editing app for Android that covers both video editing and photo editing features. To get started you can either upload multimedia files from your own storage, or shoot as video or photo and start editing right away.

Rich-featured editing app: This photo and video editing app not only covers basic editing features such as cropping, trimming, applying filters, and changing size, it also delivers multiple advanced editing features including the option to add text or sticker to the video or photo, change the speed of video, add music track to the video, blur specific part of the video or image, and much more.

Intuitive interface with no lags: While editing photos and videos, I didn’t notice any slowness and lag and everything was running smoothly. The whole interface is really intuitive and the user-friendly interface makes you have access to the entire features and filters with ease.

Save and Share: Once you are done editing, you can either save your edited photo or video to your storage, or share it directly to your social feeds. The wide range of editing features along with available filters and customization options, help you create some high-quality videos and pictures without having to know much about editing.


Is this video editing and photo editing app worth a try? Well, I would say yes. First of all, it’s completely free and the ads are not annoying at all. It offers everything you may expect from such editing apps and you never feel any missing feature or functionality.

Download Video & Image Editing 2020 for free from the Google Play Store and use your creativity to create some unique edited videos and photos.