If you are looking for a prank app that enables you to change your voice and apply different realistic effects, you have come to the right place. Voice Changer, as the name implies obviously, is a free entertainment app for Android that comes with more than 20 different sound effects to change your voice. As far as I tested available effects, they were all realistic and I’ve already made some pranks on my friends by changing my voice.


It does what it claims to do, and it does it perfectly clean and neat

Voice Changer is all about applying realistic voice effects on your recordings. You can either directly record your voice or import audio files from your local storage. Once you import the audio file successfully, you get to choose your preferred voice filter. You can share the final voice with family and friends through social networks, set your funny/scary voice as the ringtone or alarm, save it in your storage.

In my tests, I didn’t see any significant bug or issue, and everything was just working as expected and there is nothing to complain about. And don’t forget about the quality of availabl e sound effects and how realistic and professional they are.


What are the available voice filters?

According to the developers, they are already offering more than 25 effects, including bee, nervous, robot, alien, zombie, helium, drunk, chipmunk, death, cave, underwater, devil, megaphone, tunnel, telephone, swirl, and fan.

I hope they add more effects to their offerings on a regular basis.


Is it worth a try?

If you are looking for a prank and entertainment app to have fun with family and friends in your parties and gatherings, then Voice Changer is going to become a perfect choice for you.

Download Voice Changer for free from the Google Play Store, browse through available audio effects and share your voice with your favorite effect.