Roger that! Copy! Affirmative! Over! Out! Stand by! Negative!

Do these language codes look familiar to you? If yes, today, we are going to review one of the best cross-platform walkie talkie apps available. 

VoicePing is a rich-featured communication app for Android that utilizes the push-to-talk feature and turns your phone into a powerful two-way radio transceiver. While this free walkie talkie app allows you to communicate with other connected people through voice, it also makes it possible to send and receive text messages, pictures, and videos.

Overall, VoicePing is an all-in-one communication solution designed for personal and business use and offers everything you need to be in touch with friends or colleagues under different circumstances. There is the option to track the location of the connected people in your group, make instant voice and video calls, and even send SOS messages to your co-workers in case of danger. 

Walkie Talkie App VoicePing

What do I like the most about VoicePing?

While this free walkie talkie app delivers various communication methods and tools, the user interface is really clean and you won’t get distracted at all.

As for the functionality, the walkie-talkie feature works like a charm with no issue, and the added feature improves your productivity. I also liked the Paging feature where you send a beeping and vibrating notification to another person’s device. 

Is VoicePing worth a try?

If you are looking for a complete communication solution for professional and business use, you should definitely try VoicePing. It makes communication across the team easy and quick, and you can leverage the company-wide communication tools to be in touch with your co-workers in a much more productive way. 

On the other side, if you are looking for a rich-featured walkie talkie app for personal use, VoicePing won’t disappoint you at all.

Download VoicePing from Play Store and “go beyond walkie talkie to multimedia.