Learning in Post Covid era is very personalized and Live interactive. Statistics show that calendar-based webinars create fatigue among learners and trainers with increasing screen time. On the other side, there is the drop-in social audio concept which has revolutionized the learning paradigm.

Vongo App is a live instant drop-in audio app for education and healthcare similar to Discord, Clubhouse, but in niche areas. Vongo App additionally has a gallery feature where moderators, speakers, and even audiences can upload Images, audio, and short videos. They can also share notes and slides while listening and speaking.

Vongo App is available for Android and iOS devices and is free for creators who can create unlimited instant audio chat rooms and live broadcast conversations interactively among learners in the healthcare and education industries.

Vongo App helps training academies, corporate trainers to seamlessly conduct audio and conversation-based interactive training across the organization and stakeholders distributed globally.

Vongo App Social Audio App

What do I like the most about Vongo App?

This social app seems to have taken all the good things from available applications in the competition, and delivered a seamless and efficient experience for live drop-in audio sessions.

You can upload and share instantly images, notes, images, notes, or slides in the audio room gallery instantly or slides in the audio room gallery, and you can also set up calendar invites, so your followers will get notified when you start a live class.

I also liked the variety of available features, including the option to ask questions, conduct live quizzes, give live pep talks on exam prep strategy, engage students with audio-only conversation rooms.

And last but not least is for creators and how they can build up a base for fans and followers, and upsell their courses by making their brand visible and discoverable to students.

Why don't you give Vongo App a try? 

Vongo App is available for free on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Get it on your Android or iOS device and start audio-only study rooms, discover study partners, follow teachers and mentors, and much more.

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Get Vongo App on App Store