Well, it’s been a while since Virtual Reality viewers are in the market and no wonder lots of VR Apps for Android have been developed so far. VR Cinema is  one of the latest apps in the virtual reality category which enables you to watch videos with a realistic 3D cinema background. You can either watch a video from YouTube or just play a 3D video right from your local storage.


As it’s still hard to navigate through different parts of the app using a VR viewer, the VR Cinema has been designed so easy to use and user friendly. When you launch the app, you have the option to paste a YouTube URL or simply browse through your local storage and open a supported video file. Once you hit the Play button, the movie starts to play and the environment is like a real cinema. The 3D cinema simulation is so fun that sometimes you miss a scene while checking out around you. The virtual cinema comes with so many details, from comfortable chairs and popcorns to exit door and lights.

VR-Cinema-Watch-3D-Movie								s-with-Virtual-Reality-Headset

If you move your head to the left, while watching a 3D movie on VR Cinema (VRHomeCinema), there are options to pause, play, recenter positon or get back to the file explorer to load other files.

While we were testing the app, we didn’t encounter any problem and everything was running smoothly. As mentioned earlier, the app is really easy to use and the good news is that you don’t need a controller to select items and play movies. You just need to look (stare) at an item for 2 seconds and it will be selected automatically. Since the VR Cinema app has just been released, I’m hoping to see more themes as the 3D cinema background in the future updates.


If you have already bought a VR headset and looking for a Virtual Reality video player and get the most out of your viewer, check out the link below to download VR Cinema from the Google Play Store.

Download VR Cinema for Android