One of the most controversial debates between Apple fanboys and Android praisers is the extent of customization and personalization options. However, having an option to choose different backgrounds and wallpapers is the common feature between the 2 platforms.

Wallpapers, as the name implies, is a fresh yet amazing personalization app in which you get to browse through a huge collection of retina-quality wallpapers and backgrounds in different categories. According to the developers, they aim to release new high-quality wallpapers on a weekly basis to make sure there are always so many new backgrounds suiting the occasion and your current mood.

Time-lapse HD wallpapers: Bring the gorgeous landscapes with time-lapse effects into the lock screen and home screen of your iPhone or iPad device. This is what such available ultra HD wallpapers are all about. The whole process of choosing your favorite picture as the wallpaper is as easy as browsing through available pictures and hitting the Save button.


What did I like the most about this free wallpaper app?

Other than the variety of available retina pictures, I also liked the quality of the pictures and how they can make your iPhone look nicer and more elegant. The wallpapers are unique and you can easily find what you are looking for while browsing through the collection.

There is really nothing to complain about this wallpaper app and my only concern is about the update interval and if the new wallpapers are going to keep the same quality as current wallpapers or not?

Download Wallpapers from App Store for free and enjoy choosing time-lapse wallpapers for your lock screen.