Facebook is probably the most used social network you’ve ever seen or tried on different platforms, but it doesn’t mean no one can ever compete against this giant social network. While I was browsing the new social networks on Play Store, I noticed a brand new social network with a kind of strange name; WasUpCrowd. The developers believe that their app is at direct competition Facebook and it stands out from the crowd by offering wonderful options and features.

By the way, while I was struggling with the meaning of the app’s name, I started to download the app on my device to see whether it’s worth using or not.

So, let’s see what WasUpCrowd delivers and how it is going to win the tough competition.


What to expect from the WasUpCrowd?

In a nutshell, WasUpCrowd delivers everything you should expect from such social network apps, including Facebook and it even sets the bar to a higher level by offering a clean and neat design with the fresh and intuitive interface, NO ADS policy as well as NO SPONSORED POSTS policy.

In other words, everything you see on your wall is either about yourself or your family and friends. You won’t see any disturbing ads, any sponsored post, any fake news based on your interests, or any ot her type of unwanted content.

WasUpCrowd is just at the beginning of a long road, but if the developers keep adding more new features and provide constant updates, they have a good chance of making a name for themselves.

WasUpCrowd main features at a glance:

  • Super user-friendly interface with smooth navigations
  • Easy to sign up and find friends
  • NO disturbing ads
  • NO sponsored posts or other types of unwanted content
  • Cross-platform social network app (Available on Android and iOS)
  • Free to use
  • A perfect alternative to Facebook

So, download WasUpCrowd for free on your Android and start inviting your family and friends to get in touch with each other in this new social network.

Download from Play Store

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