As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to speed up your device. You can do them both selectively and all together, but everyone will contribute to the improvement of the smartphone.

Method 1: Clean Your Smartphone

The most popular reason for the slow operation of the phone is the degree of its contamination. First of all, you need to get rid of all junk and unnecessary files in the smartphone's memory. You can do this either manually or with special programs.

For more thorough and high-quality cleaning, it is best to use third-party software, in which case this process will show the best result. Native cleaning applications cannot usually delete everything unnecessary. However, third-party apps will be able to even clean up the year-old docs that you've downloaded from top essay writing services and haven't opened in ages.

Method 2: Disable Geolocation

The GPS service, which allows you to determine the location, is implemented in almost every modern smartphone. But not all users need it while it is running and taking away valuable resources. If you do not use geolocation, it is best to disable it.

There are two main ways to disable the location service. The first one is "Pull off" the top curtain of the phone and click on the GPS icon (Location). Go to the phone settings and find the "Location" menu. It is usually located in the "Personal Data" section. Here you can enable or disable the service, as well as perform additional available actions.

If you have a relatively new smartphone, then most likely, you will not feel significant acceleration from this point. But, again, each of the described methods brings its share in improving productivity.

Method 3: Disable Power Saving

The power-saving function also negatively affects the speed of the smartphone. When activated, the battery lasts a little longer, but performance suffers greatly.

If you do not have an urgent need for extra energy for the phone and you are pursuing the goal of speeding it up, it is better to abandon this service. But remember that this way, your smartphone will be discharged much more often and, perhaps, at the most inopportune moment.

To turn off power saving, go to settings, then find the menu item "Battery."

Go to the battery menu from Android set tings

In the menu, you can see the power statistics of your device: which programs "eat" the most energy, see the charging schedule, and more. The energy-saving mode itself is divided into 2 points:

Power saving in standby mode. It will only be activated when you are not using a mobile device. So this item must be left on.

Constant energy saving. As mentioned earlier, if there is no need for longer battery life, feel free to turn off the item.

If the smartphone is too slow, we recommend not to neglect this method, as it can help a lot.

Method 4: Disable Animation

This method is associated with features for developers. Any phone with the Android operating system has special features designed for software creators. Some of them are able to help speed up the gadget. This will disable animation and enable GPU hardware acceleration.

You must first activate these privileges if this has not been done. Try to find the "For developers" menu item.

If there is no such item in your settings, you need to activate it. To do this, go to the "About Phone" menu, which is usually located at the very end of the settings.

About the phone in Android settings

In the window, find the "Assembly number" item. Keep clicking on it until a characteristic inscription appears. In our case, it's "No need, you're already a developer," but you should have another text confirming the activation of the developer mode.

No need; you are already a developer.

After this procedure, the "For developer" menu should appear in your settings. Going to this section, you need to include it. To do this, activate the slider at the top of the screen.

Be careful! Be extremely careful about what settings you change in this menu because there is a possibility of harm to your smartphone.

In this section, find the items "Window Animation," "Transition Animation," "Animation Duration".

Go to each of them and select "Disable animation". Now all the transitions in your smartphone will be much faster.


As you can see, there is a large number of methods to speed up your Android. Some of them are less effective, some on the contrary. However, if all the methods do not change, it is likely that the problem lies in the hardware of your smartphone. In this case, it can only help to change the gadget to a newer one or contact the service center.