Weather forecasts have helped us know about the weather for years and it's got even easier by weather forecasting apps for Android. Weather Wiz Android app is the brilliant app that has attracted our attention to itself and we'll inform you about what you can expect from it. Not only it has got everything you can expect from a weather app, it has also got the most useful Android weather widgets. Please keep on reading to find out more about Weather Wiz: Forecast & Widget.

First of all, let's talk about the information you can receive from Weather Wiz Android app. First of all, you let the app find your location, or you can set it manually and then, it offers the current temperature, the day's hourly forecast, tomorrow's weather, ten days forecast, precipitation, wind direction, cloud cover, UV index, dew point, sun states and moon phase. The amount information seems to be brilliant but can you rely on them? The answer is yes. What the app offers is based on a reliable weather station called IBM and you can be sure that the data is accurate.


Now, let's get down to user interface. It really is user friendly and you can learn to use it in a split second. It's completely neat and tidy and you won't have a hard time finding what you are looking for. You'll be fascinated to see how b eautiful the app is designed. You can choose your background from various eye-catching themes and enjoy using the app. The themes will change based on weather changes and they are animated, so you won't see the same picture all the time. It's also customizable and you choose different elegant colors for the notification bar and widgets. The widgets are also very beautiful, convenient and well organized and they surpass many other Android weather widgets.


Another great feature that Weather Wiz Android has is its weather radar, for it offers up-to-date interactive data and you can learn many things from it. It can show air conditions, wind directions, clouds, temperature, precipitation, and sea level pressure with different colors and moving elements and you can get the accurate information from it.

After all, the features and Android weather widgets we examined in Weather Wiz are brilliant and I can truly say that it has the potential to be one of the best weather forecasting apps for Android. You won't regret having it on your phone.

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