WeeboCast is a free TV cast app for Android that allows you to cast your favorite videos to a supported streaming device quickly. We tested the cast to TV feature a couple of times on different streaming devices, and I must admit that I was surprised by its quality and stability. The video is cast with very high quality, you won’t notice any lag, and you can control the playing media right from your Android device. 

I found the interface of the in-app web browser intuitive, and the ad-blocker feature makes sure you will see less annoying ads while watching and streaming video content. 

What else? There is the remarkable feature of cast video files to multiple streaming devices at the same time. You just need to make sure all your devices, including your Android device, are connected to the same network and choose to stream to multiple devices. 

Free TV Cast for Android

What are the compatible streaming devices?
Well, the list is quite long, and this TV cast app su pports almost all the major devices in the market. According to their Play Store page, you can stream videos on these devices:

  • Google Chromecast
  • Apple TV / AirPlay
  • Smart TVs (Android TV, Samsung, LG, TCL, Xiaomi, Sony, etc.)
  • Xbox One & Xbox 360
  • DLNA receivers

If you own other streaming devices, since WeeboCast is available to download for free, you can give it a try and see if your device is supported or not.

Is WeeboCast worth a try?
If you are looking for a reliable TV cast application to watch your favorite movies on a bigger screen, the answer is yes. You just need to make sure your streaming device is compatible with WeeboCast.

Download WeeboCast from Play Store for free, use the in-app browser to open the movie you wish to stream, and cast the playing content to your streaming device.
It’s easy to set up, and the connection is reliable and stable.