Artificial intelligence has entered our daily life very seriously.  These are technologies that previously seemed inaccessible, but now are part of our reality.  Therefore, today we will talk about what is Artificial Intelligence and what are its advantages.

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What is AI?
Let's start with the fact that artificial intelligence is called the ability of various machines to think like a human brain.  This technology receives signals, data and instructions, thanks to which the system begins to draw certain conclusions and proceeds to actions.

Many people think that AI is something far from them, but it is not true. If you look more broadly, you can see that technologies using artificial intelligence are everywhere.  Take even your phone and Siri.

Let's go straight to the benefits.

Zero risks
Using machines in tasks that could pose a risk to humans can pay off handsomely.  For example, by allowing machines to deal with natural disasters, one can recover faster and reduce the burden on human teams.

The idea is inspired by an initiative by Google and Harvard to develop an artificial intelligence system that can predict the location of earthquake tremors.  After studying more than 131,000 earthquakes and aftershocks, the scientists tested this neural network on 30,000 events.  Compared to traditional methods, it showed greater accuracy in determining the location of aftershocks.

Reduction of human-intensive labor
AI has played a major role in reducing labor-intensive labor through the use of Smart Automation.  According to the June 2019 Oxford Economic Report, there are more than 2.25 million robots deployed worldwide (three times more than in the past decade).  At present, in many factories, all the heavy lifting, hauling, transporting and other mundane activities are done by AI-enabled robots.  This saves a lot of human effort that can be better used in more productive activities.

Machine learning helps many industries
Companies are now applying artificial intelligence techniques in sales and marketing to personalize product recommendations according to the wishes of individual customers.  In addition, in manufacturing, AI improves predictive maintenance by using “deep learning” and applying calculations to large amounts of sensor data.

By simply implementing algorithms to detect anomalies, firms can reduce the downtime of machinery and equipment, from assembly lines to jet engines.

Recent studies have identified hundreds of such business cases, which together can generate revenues ranging from 3.17 trillion euros to 5.25 trillion euros per year.

AI can drive economic growth by increasing and replacing labor and capital costs, spurring innovation and wealth creation, and reinvestment.

Summing up, we can safely say that AI is an incredible technology that makes life easier for us and will only continue to develop.  Therefore, if you have a cool idea related to AI, you can contact the
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