When Adobe announced its Photoshop Express app for Android platform, everyone was expecting a perfect image edition application (just like what we saw on the desktop Adobe Photoshop), and although it has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times in the Play Store, but most of them are not using it as their default app for doing image editing stuff.

But we believe the new version of Adobe Photoshop Express has completely another story can be easily be named as the best photo editing app for both amateur and professional users.


If you’ve been with the Photoshop app for Android since the beginning, the very first thing you’ll notice is about the interface, as you are going to face a completely redesigned UI which makes working with the app easier and increases your speed when looking for different tools and effects in the menus.

The other noticeable thing is about the imaging engine, which has been used for the first time on the Android app and accord ing to the Adobe, this new engine helps to bring better performance and enables you to work with large file sizes easier than before.

There are so many filters, image enhancements and fine-tuning options, including creating fun new looks, cropping, red-eye reduction, auto-correct, contrast and exposure, which can be easily accessed and suits both beginners and power users the best.


The new Adobe Photoshop Express is now compatible with Android KitKat and since it is a free application it is highly recommended to give it a try, especially those who have already downloaded and worked with the older version and have already uninstalled it!