wheelCal, as the name suggests, is a tire and wheel size calculator app that enables the users to compare wheel sets, get a list of tire sizes that match the car tire size you originally added, and it also helps you buy tires, wheels and rims online from eBay by offering matching wheels, rims and tires.

Let’s review the main features of this free wheel size calculator app for Android:

Compare Wheel Sets: To use this tool, you need to add specs of 2 different wheels (the size, width, offset and spacer for both rim and tire), and then it automatically calculates differences between the max load, max speed, speed error, diameter, fender clearance, and suspension clearance.

Search Online: You can easily buy wheels, tires and rims online from eBay based on the specifications you have added into the app. It automatically finds the best matching options and saves you lots of time and probably money.

Share Wheel Specs: There is also the option to email the wheel’s configuration to anyone you want including yourself.

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wheelCal main features:

  • Easy to use yet accurate wheel size calculator app
  • Supports both Metric and Imperial units
  • Compare two sets of wheels
  • Share your desired configuration with others
  • Receive matching tires, rims and wheels offers to shop online
  • Completely free (No ads, no in-app purchase item)


Should you give this free wheel size calculator app a try?

Well, you won’t be reading this article unless you are looking for some apps like this and you are familiar with the concept. So, since wheelCal is super easy to use and accurate, comes with a rich feature set, and most of all, completely free, I would definitely suggest you to give it a try.

Download wheelCal for free on your Android phone or tablet and share your experience with us through comments.