Wheelie Rider 3D is realistic motorbike game. Player can perform stunts, wheelies endos and burn rubber to earn coins Free to play track, Endless track and 300 challenge levels. Player can customize and upgrade bikes. Online leaderboards achievement

Youngsters love to ride a bike in general. However, if they are not able to drive it in reality, they also love to feel the same experience in mobile devices. Mobile Applications are a great source of getting the realistic experience of riding a bike. There are many bike games with different kind of concepts. Recently Kimble Games introduce “Wheelie Rider 3D” for the Android and iOS platforms. It is 3D motorbike game with real strategy. At this platform, the player can perform stunts, burn rubber and wheelies endos to get coins. So the concept is simple, just do the stunt and get coins.

Taking all the consideration of interesting features, it is providing the endless track with 300 challenging levels. For the user convenience, customization of the bike is enabled and the user can modify the bike as per his or her choice. Through this, the look of the bike can be changed. This kind of modification includes bike color, wheel cover, seat cover and carrier of the vehicle. The whole of the concept is to do a stunt and earn coins.

The game is having 3D graphics so it is providing the best of playing experience. The concept is to ride, do a stunt and earn points. The other highlighting features including its speed unit and graphics variations. A player can change the speed unit like MPH or KM/H. Like this, the graphics are also available in low, medium, high or ultra.


The game is having online leaderboards and achievements option through which user can check his or her scores. It is a complete package for entertainment and a good source of passing the time. Moreover, developers also put a camera option to feel the different camera angles.

Player just need to select the bike, select the level and ride the bike carefully. To turn the bike in right or left direction, you need to tilt your device right or left. The game is quite interesting in playing and gives a chance for a player to become the best bike rider.

Developers put all the efforts to make this game remarkable. There are so many customizing options and you can make any change. Now it’s in your hand to ride safely, do the stunt and earn points. Play it and get the best motorbike game experience.

Website: www.kimblegames.com

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wheelie-rider-3d/id1390370004?l=us&ls=1&mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kimblegames.wheelieking3dnitro