Find hidden objects in the pictures, and solve a variety of brain-training puzzles. This is what this puzzle is all about. Where is Droid is a fun and addictive puzzle game that not only entertains you for hours, but it also helps you with improving your visual perception, and the ability to focus better on the details of a specific subject.


What to expect from Where is Droid? Well, your mission is to find all the hidden objects in the picture. In each try, you should look for a specific object, and you just need to tap on the object as soon as you find it. For now, there are 7 different worlds to explore, and in each world, you get to find 20 different objects.


What did I like about it? What I like about this hidden-object puzzle game the most is about the minimal design, variety of different puzzles, and super easy to learn gameplay. It is also worth mentioning that there is no time countdown, and you can also use hints whenever you are stuck and have no clue where to look at.


Is it worth a try? Well, like always, it depends on the type of user you are. If you are looking for a minimal puzzle game to find hidden objects, this puzzle game is a perfect choice for you. The worlds to explore and the objects to find are super cool, and since there is no timer, you can be fully relaxed while looking for the hidden objects.

Download Where is Droid from Google Play and see how many hidden objects you can manage to find without having to use available hints.