In fact, it may occur to you a situation which you hear an unknown song and you would like to know more about it, while you don’t know the name or the artist of the song. There are many applications created for this reason, to identify song’s name, artist, album name and many more to ease your life. Thus, you don’t need any more search for the name of playing track, as these application do it in seconds. In this App vs. App competition, we are going to compare the two most famous of Song Identifying apps: SoundHound ∞ and Shazam Encore, together.

If you are looking for some simple home screen widgets with limited features to recognize songs, see: Recognize Music on Android


Shazam Encore

A practical app to find the information about the playing track. Shazam Encore is able to retrieve the entire track’s information in the couple of seconds (based on the Internet speed). The app can get the music sound even from the device which it is running on. To get track information, in the Tagging section, touch the screen so the app starts the identification process. Then, we are going to get the track’s name, artist name and a list of other information. The list contains, Album’s name, singer, genre, lyric, similar tracks, the singer’s bio and etc. Moreover, you can play the song for 30 seconds for free. The app can provide the artist’s upcoming events and shows and good news is that you can book your ticket from there. The other interesting feature of Shazam is to find out about tags which your friends are following in social networks. In the chart section, you can find out about the music genres with the most current tags.


SoundHound ∞

The next app is SoundHound which has the same fun ction as Shazam to retrieve the playing track’s information. To do this, go to app’s first screen and touch the big SoundHound button. So, the app starts to listen to the music and search for the music tags. Similar to Shazam Encore, as soon as the app identifies the track, shows information such as track’s name, singer, lyric and similar artists. In addition to listening to music for search, there is an option to enter the track information by user. Sharing music is also considered in the app.



Applications Comparison

At first glance, we must mention that working with both apps is very comfortable and easy and the apps interfaces are such that it won’t confuse you. Both of the apps work well in identifying the songs, but Shazam Encore do slightly better than the SoundHound. Shazam Encore just shows the name of plying track while the SoundHound shows all the tracks on that album. Both apps supports English, French, Italian and a few other languages. The option to show the lyrics is a nice idea which in the Shazam happens in the app itself but in the SoundHound it will open a web page of show the Lyrics. There are widgets for both apps, so the identification of the songs can be done without opening the apps and just from the home screen by their widgets in the possible minimum time. You can share the identified songs on social networks in both applications, but there are more options in the Shazam regarding this. As said before, Shazam updates the user from other user’s hot tags by its event section.


In the review which we did on both apps and by considering features such as, better sharing options, higher tracking speed and displaying more information on the app interface, Shazam Encore app was found better than the SoundHound and we should say SHAZAM IS OUR WINNER in this head to head competition.