There are lots of camera apps for Android that offer lots of features for the ones who love photography. Today, we've decided to compare two of the best ones: Camera360 vs. VSCO. Lots of amateur and professional use these apps for taking amazing photographs. Camera360 Android app offers lots of filters for both selfies and regular photography and it can be treated as a social media for sharing your photos with others. On the other hand, VSCO Android app offers lots of filters and editing features for you but if you want to decide which one is better, keep on reading to see which of these two camera apps for Android will suit you better.


Number of Filters

Filters are a very important fact for camera apps for Android. They allow you to apply effects on your photos and the more filters you have, the more you'll be available to choose the best one for the photograph you want to take. In this matter, Camera360 Android app defeats VSCO by a great number. Camera360 includes 123 filters while VSCO Android app only has 10.


Higher Rating on Google Play

Well, the rating on Google Play can show how much people are satisfied with the app and in this case, VSCO Android app is better. VSCO has a 4.4 rating while Camer a360 has 4.3.


More Languages Supported

Featuring more languages means more users will feel comfortable with the app. When the app offers the language somebody uses every day, it will be much easier for the user to like the app. In this case, Camera360 supports 4 languages while VSCO supports just 1.


Smaller App Size

If an app needs less space, you will have more storage space to use and it's a benefit for an app. In this case VSCO uses 14MB while Camera360 Android app needs 19MB of free space.


Number of Crop Sizes

Sometimes it's necessary to crop photos in standard sizes and these standards are offered by the apps. Camera360 offers 9 crop sizes while VSCO offers 7.


Some Major Features

There are some significant features in VSCO that don't exist in Camera360 and they might be very effective on your decision. In VSCO you can publish your photos to websites, focus and expose separately by touching two separate areas on screen, get additional content by using in-app purchases and focus and set the ISO level and shutter speed manually. These features don't exist in Camera360.


So, we told you in what features these two camera apps are better than the other but the final decision is up to you. You can share your ideas by leaving comments! Which camera app is the best on Android