When it comes to Android photo editors, we can't deny how great Pixlr and Snapseed Android app are but which one is better? Snapseed Android app is one of the greatest photo editing apps and many people, including photographers, can use to edit their pictures the way they like. On the other hand, Pixlr Android app is one of the best Android photo editors too. You can use its features to edit your pictures manually or use its prepared presets and choose the one that seems the best for your picture. Every user has his/her own factors to decide which one is better; so, we'll compare the features of these two apps and give you reasons why one of them is better than the other and considering these reason, you'll choose which one is better.


4 Reasons Why Pixlr Android App Is Better

  • More Filters: One of the most used features in the photo editing apps is filtering. Filters let you add effects to your pictures and make them look different. Pixlr sports 100 filters while Snapseed comes with only 27.


  • More Frames: Frames are used to cover the borders of your photos and they come in various styles. You can use 210 frames for your pictures in Pixlr while Snapseed has just 23 frames.


  • Smaller App Size: Well, the free storage space can sometimes become a great issue and the apps which are smaller in size are preferred. Pixlr requires 6.9MB while Snapseed needs 24 MBs of storage space.


  • Collage Making Features: When you want to multiple images in one pictur e, you can use collages and Pixlr allows you to do it while Snapseed doesn't have such a feature.


6 Reasons Why Snapseed Android App is Better

  • HDR Adjustment: When you use Snapseed you can use HDR effects to make the dark areas of your picture appear brighter and the bright areas darker and it makes the picture more natural. This brilliant feature doesn't exist in Pixlr.


  • Tilt Shift: Tilt shift is a technique which can make your pictures seem as if they were taken of small models. Again, you can't find it in Pixlr.


  • Selective Adjustment Points: This feature can become very handy for the professional photographer and you can use it to adjust the details of a particular point in the picture. You can use it by touching the part you want in Snapseed while Pixlr doesn't have this feature.


  • Tablet Optimized: Tablet owners can use the tablet-optimized version of snapseed to get a better experience of using this app. Pixlr hasn't released a different version for tablets.


  • Manual White Balance: Sometime when the white balance is adjusted automatically, some hues might not be accurate and you can manually fix it in Snapseed. Pixlr doesn't come with Manual White Balance.


  • More Crop Sizes: The crop sizes that the app offers sometimes can be very Snapseed offers 7 crop sizes while Pixlr offers 5.


All in all, both Snapseed and Pixlr Android app are brilliant Android photo editors. Each has its own benefits and if you think one's extra features suit you better, use that one.

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