You may have got tired of reading another article about battery saving in Android phones. But this article is providing you some unique information regarding these apps. We have chosen 2 of the best Power Saving Apps for Android and compared them against each other:  Du Battery Saver and Green Power Premium

What these 2 apps have in common are: They both are paid apps. They both try to optimize the battery usage of your Android phone or tablet. If you don’t want to manually turn on or off wireless connections (GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC) auto sync, and on the other side you want your battery last longer, then you really need an Android battery power saving app. What we expect from these apps are as follows:

  • Better manage wireless connections in a smart way
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Less App memory usage
  • More User friendly interface

Here we have compared the 2 mentioned apps with these following criteria:

  1. User Interface:  To access the main parts of Green Power Premium, you need to use some rectangle shape elements, and each of these elements is full of different settings, which have made the interface a little bit cluttered and confusing. On the other hand, you can have access to Du Battery Saver settings easier and neater. Du also provide some one tap key options to make us say: Du Battery Saver is the winner in the User Interface
  2. Functionality: What you expect from a battery save app is to function well with the least amount of CPU, Battery and RAM usage. Green Power Premium uses about 11 Mb of your device RAM and our tests showed, it does its job well in case of optimizing battery usage and it doesn’t need any Root access. Unless for turning off GPS entirely. Du Battery Save uses about 9.2 MB of RAM and it lighter th an its competitor. Despite great performance in saving battery. It provides you some extra info about your battery, info like Battery life remaining time. If you want to change the CPU’s frequency, you need to have ROOT access
  3. Smart: As stated earlier, you really need a smart battery saver app. The smarter the app is, the more worth it is. In this criterion, we are going to go with Du Battery Saver because of its Onekey Testing function. It analyses the whole device’s status and provides some smart way to increase the battery life of your Android phone or tablet. On the other hand, if we want to mention a smart feature from Green Power Premium, we should mention the Wi-Fi management based on the signal power of available networks

Conclusion: Considering User Interface, Functionality and Smart features, although both apps provide acceptable features, but the winner of this App vs. App competition is Du Battery Saver.

Download Du Battery Saver from Google Play
Download Green Power Premium from Google Play

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