A new field of competition is creating over gadgets world; a competition which is going to produce a world of new gadgets. Smart watches are considered as the new gadgets that in addition to showing time as the main task, do other things as well. It can be said that, smart watches are moving towards a central notification center for users. A device which can inform you about all events from your wrist. Currently several companies have entered the market, with their watches but today we are going to specifically review just three of them, from Samsung, Sony and Qualcomm.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Introduced its first smart watch in IFA 2013. This watch with its unique features drew the attention of the many users. The device has 1.63 inch, AMOLED screen. The resolution of the screen is 320x320 which among the others is considerable. The device dimension is 5.5x3.5x1.11 mm and weight about 73.7 grams. The overall design of the device is good, but existence of four screws on the front, reduce its beauty slightly. Samsung produced this watch in accordance of IP55 standard, thus makes resistant to water intrusion and rain. The camera of this gadget is located on the strap. So, is it best to wear the watch on left hand to take photos with more ease? The camera is equipped with 1.9 megapixel sensor with auto focus. With this camera, HD videos up to 10 seconds can be taken.


Samsung used a single core 800 MHz processor with 512 MB ​​of RAM on the Galaxy Gear. There is also 4GB of internal memory that can easily be used to keep users content. The battery of this device is 315 mA and can be used up to one day. Perhaps one day of charge may seem small but with the processor inside and the screen of this watch it is logical. Two microphones, Bluetooth 4.0, a customized version of Android, accelerometer and gyroscope are other features of this smart watch.

One of the interesting features of the Galaxy Gear is the ability to install Android apps on it, of course, it cannot install and run any program and just some apps. Some of these apps are, Atooma for planning, Banjo for showing important events in the world, Evernote that you know it, Glympse for sports, Line as an instant messenger and some more. This watch currently is just syncs with Galaxy Note 3 and 10.1 2014. So to conclude, series of things can be done from thi s watch, from sending texts to dialing, and defiantly each day some new tasks will be added to it.

Sony Smart Watch 2

Sony is a leading supplier of smart watches, and currently has the Smart Watch 2 in its production’s line. This watch which was unveiled in July, was shown again on the sidelines of IFA 2013 to visitors. As we all know Sony for their beautiful, simple and amazing designs, once again the Sony’s engineer prove their talent by an astonishing product. So from this point, it can be said that Sony’s watch is way more beautiful than Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. The dimension of this stunning watch is 8x4.08x4.19 mm and weighs 22.6 gram. Sony used flexible silicone in production of this watch which will give a good sense to user. Sony's new intelligent watch is made according to IP57 standard which makes it dust resistant and can tolerate water pressure up to one meter. The screen of this watch is 1.6 -inch with a resolution of 176x220 pixels. Unfortunately, this screen has a poor performance under the sun.


Sony used a new interface on this watch compared to the previous one. This watch by using NFC and Bluetooth ports can be connected to other Android devices and can also be configured from those devices. Sony has promised to obviate the lack of exclusive apps for the Smart Watch 2 soon. The watch has been designed such that if you get away from it, it will sound an alarm. This is designed to found your clock, in case you lost it. A series of tasks such as controlling music or taking pictures with a phone camera can be done by this device. The battery of this device, similar to Samsung, can last up to just one day.

Qualcomm Tog

Qualcomm, the producer of microprocessors, unveiled its Smart watch during the IFA 2013 exhibition too. This watch with the interferometric modulator technology which has been used in its screen, has a good readability under the sunlight. Moreover, the power consumption of the screen is very low too and hence can be used up to 3 days with each charge and this is a great success over Sony and Samsung watches. This watch that is based on a specific version of the Android, by getting the Tog app can be synchronized with other Android 4.3 devices. Therefore, with this watch you can answer to calls or control the music or even get weather updates. One of distinct feature of this watch is its wireless charging feature.