Already developed and hope to become the next TikTok, Wordle, or Flappy Birds, in terms of sudden buzz in social media and rate of downloads? 

These days, the competition has become so brutal that you should either assign a vast marketing budget to promote your app across paid channels or be patient and have a solid marketing plan and increase the visibility of your app in search results and social media platforms step by step. 

If you are on a budget and count on organic marketing activities with a low marketing budget, you’ve probably already optimized the store listing fields of your app (App Store Optimization, ASO), tried to reach out to tech blogs for coverage, been active on the Q&A website as well as social media networks to spread the word, started your own social channels. 

Still not getting the expected results? The latest trends show that while focusing on ASO is a must-do action when it comes to getting organic downloads, it’s not enough alone, and you should also leverage the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive more traffic to your app’s page on Play Store or App Store. But, how building a website can help your market your mobile app? Let’s review some of the benefits of running a microsite as part of your marketing activities.

How running a website can boost the performance of mobile app marketing?

Be on the top of search results: When it comes to getting organic downloads, you should be discovered in search results. ASO activities focus on getting your ranked on App Store (and Google Play) search results, and SEO activities help you get discovered on Google search results (and other search engines). With a website, you can have a content plan, publish your own content, and try to improve your ranking for select keywords. 

Define more creative campaigns: People love participating in campaigns, the more creative your design and campaign, the higher chance you will have to stand out. With a website, you can define as many campaigns as you want and create as many landing pages on your website with no limitations.

Get valuable backlinks: You can ask tech blogs to review your app and link to your website for more information. This way, you can make sure the readers are being redirected to the right page with the right content.

What else? There is still a lot to explore. If you haven’t created your website yet, don’t waste your time anymore. There are so many full stack development services that will help you build a website from scratch. Based on your requirements, they can also help you develop your app for more platforms and design different marketing materials for different channels and audiences.