Android users have the luxury to modify their lock screen with different customization and personalization. If you are lucky enough to update to 4.2.2 you can enjoy the Lock Screen Widgets on your phone, and if you are using lower versions of Android, you can still enjoy lots of lock screen apps. We have already introduced 5 best Android Lock Screen Widgets in AW Center and in this article we are going to review on of the most installed lock screen widgets: WidgetLocker LockScreen. Before going in to details, we should say, we found the user interface a little bit confusing and we didn’t have a pleasant experience using the App with Samsung Galaxy Grand and HTC One and this review has been done with a Sony Xperia phone. By the way, it is not fair to ignore WidgetLocker great features which have made us name this app as one of the best in its own category.

WidgetLocker LockScreen Main Features

  • Quick Access to apps and system settings from Lock Screen
  • Moving and changing the placement of Sliders, Widgets, and App shortcuts on the Lock Screen
  • Adding Widget on Lock Screen
  • Different Styles for slider
  • Assigning different actions for slider
  • Backup / Restore App setups



After installing and opening the app, you are welcomed with some tutorials and the things you can change on the lock screen. The first impression of the locker is a Clock and a slider which changes the brightness and sound profile by swiping left and right respectively. By tapping and holding each element you can modify, delete or resize it.

There are many cool personalizations for the Slider. Tap and hold the slider and choose Edit. There are some famous styles available for the slider; the famous MIUI ROM, HTC Sense, Motorola phone slider, iPhone Slider, and many more. As mentioned before the size and placement is changeable too. You can set different actions for this slider.

Other than adding app shortcuts, you can add Widgets on lock screen which is kind of a unique feature for Android users (Except for users with Jelly Bean 4.2.2). Consider adding a Contacts widget on your Lock Screen and call your friend right from lock screen! (Note than you cannot add HTC Widgets)

The main settings of WidgetLocker is providing you many options: Look & Feel menu lets you customize layout and wallpaper which is very useful for devices with bigger screens as you can change the grid size. Screen orientation, transition animation, notification bar visibility status can be modified from this menu. You can also manage screen time out, popups and sounds as well as backing up or restoring the app setups.


 Download WidgetLocker Lockscreen for Google Play