These days it’s almost impossible to see a kid without a phone or tablet, and they spend hours playing games, checking social networks, watching movies, and browsing through different websites. While the internet can be a safe place for your children to learn new stuff and get entertained, it can also be a place full of inappropriate content.

That’s why so many parental control applications have surfaced recently, and even Google is offering a native app to control your kids’ behavior, screen time, and usage.  

Wisy Lock is a fresh parental control app that focuses on screen time and uses a unique idea to control your child’s screen time. Using this parental control app, your kids can earn screen time by solving math puzzles with various complexity levels. You, as the parent, can specify how much screen time you wish to grant to your kids for solving each math puzzle.

Wisy Lock

What do I like the most about Wisy Lock? 

Well, first of all, I really liked the idea of this parental control and how the developers have used math puzzles to let the kids earn more screen time. I also liked the whole experience, from the initial set up to using the app by kids. 

The math puzzles seem to be designed for kids with different math skills, and according to the developers, the math puzzles get more complex as the kids progress. 

Should you give Wisy Lock a try? 

Before making any decision, bear in mind that if you have strict policies on your kid’s phone usage and wish to have full control over their behavior, Wisy Lock is not the app you should be looking for. However, if you’ve already set up a parental control app and looking for a fun and intuitive solution to control the screen time, you have come to the right place.

Download Wisy Lock from Play Store and let your kids earn more screen time by solving math puzzles matching their skills.