“An all-in-one women’s health tracker app that focuses on tracking period, ovulation, pregnancy, and more. It’s super clean, easy to use, and does the job in an intuitive way”. This is my first impression after playing around with this health tracker app for girls and women of all ages.

Women's Health Tracker, as the name implies, is a cross-platform health and wellbeing tracker app for iOS and Android that features a range of different trackers for health-related information, including:

  • Period Tracker
  • Ovulation Tracker
  • Pregnancy Tracker
  • Contraction Tracker
  • Baby Movement Tracker
  • Baby Tracker
  • Glucose Tracker
  • Birth Planner
  • Mommy Tracker

The whole registration process and entering basic data about yourself don’t take much time. After that, you will have access to a comprehensive health tracker app that not only can help you track your period (period calendar), but it also has got you covered when it comes to having an idea about your gene ral health status through the years. 

Period Tracker for Android

What do I like the most about Women's Health Tracker?

First of all, I liked the set of security and privacy measurements that this health tracker platform has taken. According to their website, all the users’ data is encrypted both during transmission and at rest. 

I also liked the variety of available trackers and monitoring tools that make sure you don’t need to install several health tracker applications. All the available tools seem to be accurate and the super clean and neat interface design ensure you will only focus on your health stats, rather than having to deal with complicated menus and interface. 

Is it worth giving Women's Health Tracker a try?

If you are a woman and care about your wellbeing, you should definitely give this health tracker app a try. It’s free to try and the strict privacy policy makes sure you don’t need to worry about compromising your personal data.

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