Wooden Block Puzzle is a new generation game with power packed experience to improve your accuracy of attention, concentration and problem solving skills. Yes! You heard it right. The legendary 1010, more popularly known as the classic woody game will prove to be a fantastic experience for those who love challenging puzzles.

Wooden Block Puzzle is the whole new way of getting addicted in simple and easy approach to a block puzzle based board game. Wooden Block Puzzle is a game which allows you to break as many horizontal or vertical lines by dragging different geometrical shapes of blocks (T, L, Z, Lines, Squares, Dots etc) and dropping them over a 10×10 grid. A Classic Tetris Woody Game is a simple yet challenging puzzle game with endless levels.

The goal is to drag and drop the wooden block pieces onto the puzzle board in a strategic fashion, thereby avoiding filling up the entire board and being unable to place more wooden block pieces further. While you drag and drop the wooden blocks, you can clean and clear up a row or column by filling that particular entire row or column with wooden blocks. In case you got stuck with wood puzzle of classic Tetris game, You can pause, resume and restart the legendary woody game at any moment. We have made sure that we will save your progress automatically when you exit the game.


The classic Tetris based woody game comes with high quality and HD graphics to provide you a seamless experience visually as well as with the actual game play. All in all the wooden Tetris game is a full entertainer in all the aspects.

The game play involves two modes:
1. Classic 1010 woody game - Break the lines and keep scoring until the 10x10 wooden board gets filled up
2. Wooden block game - Along with the lines, break the 3x3 grid boxes and keep scoring

Let’s take a quick look at the features of this stunning and amazing Wooden Block Puzzle:

Beautiful and HD visual graphics with stunning art design
Simple and intuitive game-play for seamless and enhanced experience
Wonderful sounds and music to keep you in the rhythm
Aesthetic theme backgrounds to give you new look every time you solve the wooden block puzzle
Dual Game play modes to keep you engaged and keep the boredom away
Available for iOS (Download)

So there's no point in waiting. Get yourself ready for an entire new and fun based experience into the world of Classic Tetris - The woody game. We bet you won't regret your time spent on it.

Keep playing! Keep breaking. Have fun and enjoy the Wooden Block Puzzle game.