We will have a great game recommendation for those who are interested in wood-working and art. Wood carving with the WoodTurning Studio game looks very simple and fun with its sound and effects. You can create interesting shapes on wood by moving the carving tools back and forth and left and right with one finger. There are 8 different carving knives in the game. Some are ideal for fine craftsmanship, while others are ideal for general details.

After carving and shaping, you can paint the wood outside and inside separately. After painting, perfect your wood art with polishing and matte color options. With these options, it is possible to create hundreds of different combinations in the Woodturning Studio game. All it takes is an unlimited imagination and a little time. In the final scene of the game, you can save the images you created to your gallery.

General features of the game;
- Simple and enjoyable gameplay
- Realistic sounds and effects
- Original works of art can be made in a very short time
- Suitable for all ages
- It can enable you to take up a new hobby

Download Woodturning Studio from Google Play

Download Woodturning Studio from App Store