When are we going to go back to everyday life? I bet this has been the most searched phrase over the past couple of months during this pandemic. Good news is that Android developers keep developing new games to kill some time, and the better news is that they tend to deliver some decent games as well.

Word Search Puzzle is one of such new games that not only help you with killing time and having fun, but it also helps you challenge your brain and try to find the hidden words faster.


What to expect from Word Search Puzzle? It’s a word search puzzle game, unlike any other word search puzzle game! While your objective is to find hidden words on the board by connecting the letters, but you should find the hidden words from jumbled letters that are given to you.


What did I like the most about Word Search Puzzle?

I did like how the developers have divided th e 5000+ unique levels into nine different levels of difficulties, from extremely easy to supremely difficult. It makes Word Search Puzzle suitable for all ages and all levels of English knowledge.


There are also both the Time Limited mode and No Time Limit mode. If you want to improve your concentration skills, and don’t care about how fast you can manage to find the jumbled letters, go for the latter mode.

I also liked that the design and interface are pretty neat and thanks to the always-changing backgrounds, your eyes will never feel like being tired.


Download Word Search Puzzle for free and see how many hidden words you can find. Challenge your brain by going for larger boards.