Looking for a fun way to improve your vocabulary knowledge? Well, try Word Travel Search. The unlimited number of challenges, super user-friendly interface, and addictive gameplay are just a few reasons that made us try this free brain trainer game.

What’s the concept? In each level, you are given some letters and you need to guess valid words by creating 3-letter to 7-letter words. While the first levels seem extremely easy, you will have to deal with more difficult challenges as you progress.

Improve your English and have fun: Do you know, what all word search games have in common? Well, they all improve your English and vocabulary skills. You get to create different words in different categories and it happens to be a fun way to learn new English words.


What did I like the most about Word Travel Search? While the concept of this word-search game is not new, but I really liked how the devel opers implemented the game. The way to create words by just dragging your finger from one letter to another, the wide range of words to guess and find, and the cool story of discovering new countries all around the world, are the things that I liked the most about this free word search application.


Word Travel Search main features at a glance:

  • Clean and neat design with fresh and intuitive interface
  • High-quality graphics with smooth gameplay
  • Unlimited word search challenges
  • Over 1000 different words to guess and find
  • Different countries to unlock and explore
  • Use Hints in case you are stuck
  • Free to play (it comes with Ads that surprisingly aren’t annoying)

So, if you like playing word search games, download Word Travel Search on your Android phone or tablet and challenge your English and vocabulary skills.

Download From Google Play