World 3D: countries of the world is a full 3D learning and quiz platform.  It is the first in a series of educational games, others being:

  • Monuments 3D: statues, fountains and other public art
  • Australia 3D
  • World capitals 3D
  • USA cities and states 3D


The app helps you learn about countries, by allowing you to:

  • Rotate, zoom and explore 300 of the world's famous objects in full 3D
  • Custom, photo-realistic 3D objects, with exact real-world dimension, created with photos of actual famous landmarks
  • Simple, uncluttered user interface, suitable for kids and adults alike
  • Relevant details (original descriptions, year of built, height, address, architect etc.)
  • Explore by country or city
  • Learn where on the map countries and cities are located
  • Internet links for even more information, photos and more
  • 65 countries from all continents


Quiz your knowledge:

  • Easy to use multiple-choice
  • Test your knowledge of landmarks from many countries
  • Easy visual learning tool
  • 12 questions per quiz
  • Multiple levels
  • Reveal useful hints for hard questions
  • Use 50/50 to remove 2 incorrect answers when a hint is not enough
  • Extra points for quick answer
  • Learn while playing, by receiving a correct answer every time you make a mistake
  • Intelligent system will not repeat questions you correctly answered
  • Add your favorite objects to Favorites list, for easy retrieval and reference
  • Day and night UI modes
  • Vertical and horizontal modes of operation

Download World 3D for free and challenge your general knowledge.